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awards for eco iniatives at Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel


tropical flowers at Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel

Our Garden

Organic since 2009, our garden is irrigated with
mineral-rich recycled water. It is a favorite spot 
for our guests, a serene place of peace with lush plants and tropical flowers, often visited by colorful birds.



Green Roof

With our living roof, insulation from plants absorbs the sun's heat to help cool the guestrooms below. The natural cover of also serves to reduce noise and purify the air while attracting native birds and colorful butterflies. This natural cooling system helps with energy efficiency as guests need to consume less electricity with air conditioning. This unique green architecture, built atop an existing structure in a tropical environment, was created through a joint effort with technicians at Don Bosco University, a civil engineer, a structural engineer, and an agronomist. The project was the winner of the National Energy Award of El Salvador in 2014.

green roof at San Salvador hotel

Sustainable Energy With Solar Panels

In 2019, we installed solar panels to produce energy in the hotel. In optimal conditions, the estimated annual generation of the system is 16,080 kilowatt hours (kWh) in savings of electricity consumption. This saving through renewable energy mitigates pollution, avoiding the generation of 11.09 tons of CO2.

Water Heaters Utilize Solar Energy

Since 2009, we have heated the water in the hotel with solar energy. The hot water is used in the guestroom showers, for laundry services, and in the kitchen of our green hotel. Previously, when we had fewer solar collectors, we had to lower our water consumption in the showers and washing machines due to lower capacity. We've since greatly expanded our ability to generate sustainable energy.


vertical garden at green hotel in El Salvador

Sustainable Design With Vertical Gardens

Using green design with vertical gardens, we're able to create maximum air quality with a minimum use of space. Along with our traditional garden spaces, you'll find several areas with green walls that both improve your breathability and brighten your day with their beauty.

solar clothing dryer at hotel in San Salvador

Green Design With a Solar Dryer

The sun's energy is used in our solar clothes dryer, which utilizes a semi-transparent roof to capture light energy from the sun and convert it into thermal energy. This allows clothes to dry even during the rainy season and we no longer use a conventional clothes dryer. An example of bio-construction, natural materials are used for the walls.

Biofilter for Grey Water Treatment

A natural filtration system with stones, soil, and plant roots treats greywater from the hotel's laundry that would otherwise be wasted. The residual water is transported to the bio-garden, which includes a system of receiving tanks, layers of stone, and planted heliconias, whose roots help treat the hotel's greywater. The filtered water is then used to irrigate the hotel's gardens and plants.


Composting for organic fertilizer in the gardens. Yard waste is placed in two ventilated compartments, with a dirt floor and a roof to control humidity when it rains. After 2 months, the natural mass returns as organic fertilizer to the garden. 

purified water at San Salvador hotel

Waste and Chemical Management

We don't use plastic bottles in the rooms, and so have stopped polluting the planet with 5,000 bottles of water a year — imagine if every hotel did the same! We use soap and shampoo dispensers in the guestroom bathrooms. We separate our plastic and paper waste, which is then delivered to the local recycling program Recicla 503. The products we use for cleaning and for laundry services are sulfate-free so as not to pollute with chemical waste. 

Conservation of Water 

In addition to treating the hotel's greywater, we have a multi-layered system for saving water.


The showers have tap aerators, the garden watering time is carefully measured, and the bathrooms have low-flow toilets.


Our guests are asked to use towels more than once. We have an efficient bed-linen-changing schedule, and use water-saving machines in the laundry and for dishwashing.

tropical plant at Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel

Organic Breakfasts

We work with a cooperative of women from Comasagua who provide us with ingredients for delicious, organic breakfasts.


The cooking oil is used twice, cooking it a second time with garlic and onions to make refried beans.

organic breakfast at hotel in El Salvador

Efficient and Sustainable Energy

Before installing the hotel's renewable energies, we initiated an energy efficiency plan to reduce our electricity consumption. This included changing light bulbs, changing the colors of the walls, changing the way we wash clothes, and more, helping us to reach a minimum energy consumption. Also, the hotel's air conditioners use inverter technology, using half the energy of conventional ones.

insulated windows at El Salvador hotel
insulated windows at hotel in San Salvador

Green Living With
Thermal Insulation

To reduce guestroom temperatures, we installed double windows, which help stop the loss of air-conditioned air, while also reducing noise inside the rooms.

The walls and the ceilings are thermally insulated to reduce heat with bioclimatic techniques implemented by experts from Don Bosco University.


Thanks to these measures, the guestrooms are much cooler, allowing you to sleep pleasantly.

Eco Aventuras Video Game

In 2015, Carolina Baiza, co-owner of the hotel, along with fellow Salvadorans Rosa Meléndez and Francisco Soriano, won a world competition sponsored by the German government and the Alexander von Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. The competition's challenge was to create a technological tool with a sustainable theme. The three decided to create a video game for children at risk of violence in El Salvador that was given free to schools in the country, and the Ministries of Education, Environment, and Tourism. To get a PC version of the game, you can contact us. 

eco aventuras video game
eco initiative at hotel in El Salvador

Ecological Programs

Supporting the protection of sea turtles.

community program of Arbol de Fuego Eco Hotel

Supporting the Community

As part of our support for the community, the hotel offers free talks on sustainability. 

organic products at Arbol de Fuego Eco-Hotel

Organic Products

We offer gifts, souvenirs, and jewelry locally made with natural materials by a majority of female artisans.

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