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Our Awards

Twenty years ago the doors of the hotel were opened to professors from the UCA and it grew little by little, gaining access to more clients from other types of markets. In 2008, due to the growth in the percentage of occupancy of the hotel, the electrical system collapsed and the cables that go from the hotel to the light pole were burned. The electric company punished the hotel, increasing the rate for having reached a high consumption and began to pay around $1,350 for energy.

The crisis forced them to implement an energy efficiency and renewable energy project that now benefits them with a bill of only $25 a month. Currently the economic model is based on the three factors of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. The aforementioned saves them money by taking care of resources, the planet and with these savings, they contribute to the community.

20 01

Home of the hotel

20 08

Crisis due to increased energy consumption, we ended up paying $1,400.00 for electricity

20 09

"Eco-efficiency for Small Hotels in Central America and the Dominican Republic" Program.

Energy efficiency program with the NGO BUNCA, from Costa Rica on the subject of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

RESULTS: With the help of these two programs we managed to lower our electricity consumption to $350.00.

20 10

We were the success story and case study for USAID and BUNCA in the region.

RESULTS: We stopped being a normal hotel and became an eco-hotel.

20 11

Recognition from USAID to the hotel for our contribution to the environment by applying eco-efficiency measures and for promoting environmental responsibility in the community.

  Installation of the Biojardinera, a natural water plant that treats the hotel's gray water, which is then used to irrigate the garden. Project carried out with ACEPESA of Costa Rica.

20 14

National Energy Award:

1st place in the Best Energy Efficiency Project category. We won a network meter that we decided to donate to the University

1st place in the Best Energy Efficiency Project Proposal category where we won $30,000 for our project

1st place in the Contribution to the Promotion of a Culture of Efficient Energy Use category because our hotel is open to young people and students so that they learn the importance of caring for the planet.

20 15

Implementation of the winning project:

Together with two friends, Rosa Meléndez and Francisco Soriano, we won the Hands on Project award sponsored by the German government and the Alexander von Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. It was a worldwide contest where we participated with the EcoAventuras video game proposal to teach children at risk of violence in El Salvador about sustainability. This video game has been implemented in several schools in the country

20 15

Installation of a roof designed for an existing structure in the tropics

Thermal insulation in windows, walls and roof of the hotel

Installation of windows with a better seal

Installation of air conditioners with inverter technology

RESULTS: We lowered our electricity consumption to $140.00

20 17

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources gave us the recognition for promoting good practices in the efficient use of water in the category of water.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017

20 18

We won the OPAMSS HAUS (Sustainable Urban Habitat) award in the Innovation category

We won the CHAMPION award for Sustainable Construction awarded by El Salvador Green Building Council

Certificate of Excellence 2018

20 19

Recognition from the National Cleaner Production Center of El Salvador for our commitment to sustainable development and our contribution to the integral development of Salvadoran society.

  Photovoltaic energy installation

RESULTS : We lowered our electric bill to $25.00

20 21

We won the Booking Traveler Review Awards 2021 Award

20 22

We won the Booking Traveler Review Awards 2022 Award

First hotel to implement the Biodiversity Check tool in El Salvador and one of the first in Central America.

20 22

First hotel to implement the Biodiversity Check tool in El Salvador and one of the first in Central America.


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