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David Duke Mental

(El Salvador 1979)

He was born in El Salvador Central America in 1979. He has
participated in different exhibitions and poetry readings at the
National and international. It is part of the Public Collection of the
Embassy of El Salvador in Cuba, Guatemala and Peru. In addition to collections
private companies in Europe and Latin America and the United States. Recently
part of the private collection of Fundación Poma. your exhibitions
have been in: Central America, Japan, Mexico, United States
United States, Cuba, Peru, Spain, France, Belgium.
He has recently won an honorable mention at the Arturo Martínez Contest, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. 

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Last personal exhibitions:
+ Dak Cultural Center, 2018 October “Round Trip“, Brussels Belgium
+ French Alliance, 2015 November “Equivalent Worlds”, Piura, Peru
+ Poma Theater, August 2015- “Preview”, San Salvador, El Salvador

group exhibitions

+2019 Jun. Juannio Latin American Art Auction, Guatemala, Guatemala
+ 2020 Art in May, Rozas Botran Foundation, Guatemala, Guatemala
+ 2018 Sep. Bateu Dapné, Paper Dreams, Paris, France
+ 2018 Sep. Arteria Gallery, Dreams of Paper 2, Barcelona, Spain
+ 2018 Oct. Goyart Felipe IV Gallery, Autumn Salon. Madrid Spain
+ 2017 Art in May, Rozas Botran Foundation. Guatemalan, Guatemalan
+ 2016 Art in May, Rozas Botran Foundation, Guatemala, Guatemala


My works

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